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What is Spiritual Healing?

How does a healer's work differ from that of a medical doctor?

How does Bill use light to repair the body?

What is the difference between energy workers and light workers?

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What is healing?

Do I have to be spiritual/religious to make healing work, and is it really necessary to have someone else facilitate healing for me?

How can I prepare and maximize the effects of my appointment?

What happens in a healing session?

Can I drive and/or take a flight immediately following my session?

How long will it be before I recognize the benefits of my healing work on the physical level?

Does healing ever fail?

Can healing work be done in conjunction with modern western medicine and other types of medical therapies or treatment?

Can healing ever harm or make a condition worse?

Can I work with other healers while seeing Bill?

Can the benefits of healing ever be lost by the person receiving them?

Does God give the power to heal in modern times?

Spiritual Healing
What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is done at a level just outside of our physical bodies. Each of us has an unchanging and perfect cosmic light body, also known as the etheric body or etheric energy field. It is through the etheric body that we are connected to the vitalizing etheric energy of universal light, also known as universal consciousness. It is this force that animates and nurtures our self or Being.

Psychic healers work on the level of the etheric body, the area of energy just outside our physical body, which lies between the soul and the physical body. Specifically, they focus on removing the etheric energies of the individual to see or ‘read’ the nature of the physical blockages. Healing from Source or universal light and consciousness is the only type of alternative healing that works with the etheric body and the energy of universal light-- the vitalizing nature that restores all the levels of being. Bill Torvund’s healing gifts allow him to work within the body’s etheric energy field to alter physical blockages to promote healing.

How does a healer's work differ from that of a medical doctor?

A medical doctor is trained strictly to work with the conditions of the physical body and to diagnose and treat presenting conditions using established standards of medical practice.

The healer, on the other hand, regards the physical body as the physical manifestation of the divine soul. The divine soul is God in individuated form. (Souls are sort of like God-lets).  Within the soul is the hologram, or the image of God. It is perfect, incorruptible, and eternal, and it is the divine blueprint from which the soul takes its manifestation.  The art of the healer is to bring the divine template of the soul, in the form of light, back into the body and superimpose this light body over the physical body. Then the healer assists the physical body to correct and align to the light body (the divine blueprint) so that the body remembers structurally, genetically, functionally, and energetically what it is supposed to look like---what is normal.  In other words, the healer helps the physical body move back into divine perfection so the body is once again in resonance with its soul.

How does Bill use light to repair the body?

It is important to remember that the individual's soul is the healer. Bill directs the focus of the soul's light to parts of the body that appear to be blocked, fragmented, or broken to help bring these areas back to a normal state.

What is the difference between energy workers and light workers?

Acupuncturists and energy workers focus their work on the biomagnetic or energetic fields of the physical body. Light workers work with soul level energy that can be thought of as a level above that of the energetic field of the body. Light workers work with the light resonance from the manifestation of the divine soul.



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